15 preset for free from Meridian presets

Meridian presets FREE DOWNLOAD. Below are pictures and articles about these 15 great presets. I bought it for 49 euros. Because I am a nice and friendly person so I want to share it with you. I took these photos in Hoi An and Da Nang Vietnam. And it including pre-wedding photos with Meridian presets, family photos, and wedding photos. I used these Meridian presets for each picture and you see that is a wonderful difference.

Hoi An outside the bustling streets affected by tourism. So you should explore suburban places like this, the landscape is very poetic and fresh.

Meridian presets

You see these presets are great for portraits and landscapes. It is best suited to the wedding, it is dubbed the king of wedding photos.

Meridian presets
A beautiful scene on the roof of the Hoi An, you can watch the full album here

I will not lengthen below the link to download all these 15 great Meridian presets. You can be thankful to me by sharing this link extensively in your community.


If you use MAC, download it here DOWNLOAD FOR MAC

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