Vietnam Wedding Photographer

Hello! I’m Trung—a devoted husband, father of two sons, and a passionate photographer. My journey behind the lens began in 2012.

I specialize in wedding, family, and couple photography, embracing a natural and spontaneous style. As a documentary photographer, I strive to capture authentic moments without direction or interference. My approach is to see each photoshoot as a canvas for creativity, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. So just be yourselves and savor every moment—leave the rest to me.

Trung Dinh 



Wedding Photography 

Vietnam wedding photographer

Unlimited Images

My packages provide all your photos—each one carefully edited in full size and without watermarks. This means you have the freedom to print or share them however you like. As a photographer, not a salesman, my priority is ensuring you have access to every image; I’m not here to upsell you on canvases or costly prints.

With over 459 weddings captured and a decade of experience, my approach is creative, relaxed, and natural. I focus on capturing your day in a way that’s truly unique—no clichés, no recreations of past photos. Every image is distinct, every time.

Capturing Those Special Moments

I am committed to tirelessly capturing those fleeting, special moments of your wedding day for you to cherish forever. While I prioritize candid shots, I am also happy to take group shots or portraits if those are important to you. It’s your wedding day, and I’m here to capture everything you want.

The Importance of Preparation

Starting with the preparations, I make sure to integrate seamlessly into your day. This not only gets the wedding party comfortable with a photographer’s presence but also sets the tone for the narrative of your day. From the first moment, I am focused on how you will look back on these images—be it next month, next year, or on your 25th anniversary.

Family Photoshoot in Da Nang

Experience the beauty of Da Nang through our tailored family photoshoot options. Choose between two exclusive settings:

  1. Resort/Beach Session: Perfect for those who prefer convenience, this option includes a one-hour photoshoot around your resort or hotel, provided it’s near the sea. Stroll along the beach and explore nearby picturesque spots to capture over 200 original photos, with more than 40 expertly edited by me. This session is priced at $140 USD.

  2. Exploration Session: For the adventurers, we venture out to three stunning locations: Son Tra Mountain, Green Lake, and My Khe Beach—Da Nang’s natural treasures. Spanning three hours in the early morning, this session not only provides over 300 original images, with more than 90 edited, but also includes a 4 to 7-minute video to capture your memories dynamically. Priced at $390 USD, this option includes car transportation with pickup and drop-off at your hotel.

Bonus – Hoi An Photoshoot

Considering a visit to Hoi An? Just a 35-minute drive from Da Nang, our Hoi An old town photoshoot is a wonderful add-on. We’ll walk through the city, visiting all its enchanting sites. You’ll receive over 200 images, with more than 50 beautifully edited, all for just $135 USD. This picturesque setting offers a perfect backdrop for family memories.

Booking for family photography and Portrait

Capture your love story with our top-rated pre-wedding photography services in Da Nang and Hoi An. With experienced photographers and stunning locations, we create beautiful, emotive pre-wedding photos that reflect your unique bond. Explore our gallery below to see our work and envision your own session amidst the romantic landscapes of Da Nang or the historic charm of Hoi An.

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