Nha Trang photographer

Nha Trang photographer

The outdoor wedding party – Nha Trang photographer

Andrew and Christine are from American. They look for Nha Trang photographer. And they chose me to capture the most genuine, natural moments in the wedding.

A romantic wedding between nature with blue sea, white sand, sunshine and flowered walkways. That is a dream wedding for many couples. From many remote places in the country and the world, tourists have come to Nha Trang. Nha Trang is the ideal place to make their dreams come true. Thanks to many beautiful beaches and romantic views. Nha Trang is the place many couples choose to organize a romantic wedding on the beach. Nha Trang has many beautiful places for couples to organize weddings at sea, each with a unique beauty and style.

The outdoor wedding party is unique by space, the organization does not have to follow industry processes. The party took place in an open space, close to nature. In a warm, friendly atmosphere that will help create beautiful memories that both owners and guests will be hard to forget.

On the windy beach of a sunny afternoon, the wedding scene is decorated with gentle white tones that are extremely elegant and luxurious. At the beginning of the wedding, in the passionate and melodious violin and guitar, the bride walked out on the flowery walkway to the groom. Standing under the flower gate, in front of the immense contemporary, the bride and groom exchanged vows of love for a lifetime. Along with the blessing of the guests, the nature of the earth and sky have proved their love. What a moving and romantic scene like in a dream! Many boys and girls present at the wedding were admire and secretly wish for such a “super” romantic wedding. After the wedding, a cocktail, snack and finally a luxurious dinner party is held by the resort’s swimming pool, Western style.

Time – Nha Trang photographer

It is also important to choose a time as the weather at the venue determines up to 80% of your wedding success.

Nha Trang is the place with the most beautiful climate in Vietnam with more than 300 sunny days all year round. Each year only about 60 rainy days and usually falls in September and October. Here the rain is often short and fast, the weather is quite mild. The best wedding season in Nha Trang is from November to April. At this time the sky is very clear and blue, the breeze is mild, especially the temperature is always pleasant at only 25 degrees C.

Decorative colors – Nha Trang photographer

There are many different colors that can be selected for the wedding decoration on the beach depending on the taste and style you want.

White, beige, green: is a special palette suitable to create a wedding space in a gentle and elegant style. In this palette, white will be the dominant color tone. And it creating a subtle background space for small accents of green and beige.

Yellow, peach, and green: the palette helps create a luxurious. While pink and green help neutralize and create impressive accents for the wedding space.

Purple, pink, white / cream: purple and pink are the perfect combination for a royal, lavish and glamorous wedding space. While white and cream accents help soften the space. more feminine and feminine.

Skin – Nha Trang photographer

Usually, brides at weddings at the beach will not choose too sophisticated or bulky wedding dresses. A wedding dress of moderate length, thin and light with a pair of heels will be a reasonable choice. So you always feel cool and comfortable moving on the beach. A small note should not use veil because sea breeze can cause you a lot of trouble. About the color of traditional white dresses or dresses with pastel pink or pastel green will be the perfect choice for the bride in a beach wedding. For bridesmaids, don’t be afraid to use dresses with a variety of colors to create spectacular visual effects.

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