2019 Diamond Awards for Engagement Photography from WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) pre-wedding photoshoot in Vietnam

Pre-wedding photoshoot

For over 16 years, exceptional engagement photography has been awarded by the Wedding Photojournalist Association®. The WPJA Diamond Awards are presented to members who have demonstrated creativity during their pre-wedding portrait sessions with couples.

These are the noble awards of the world’s leading wedding photo association WPJA, the pre-wedding photos of my couples are always creative and natural, there are many places for Hoi An in the old town. making beautiful pictures, I used to take free photos for couples who booked me on their wedding day, which was a gift for them before the wedding. pre-wedding photoshoot in Vietnam Hoi An or somewhere is beautiful with my angle.

You can see more each picture Pre-wedding in Hoi An here.

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