Perry + Karelien at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort | Wedding Photography

wedding photography

Wedding photography.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I like to produce truthful pictures without directing or prompting people at a wedding. I see documenting weddings as an opportunity for me to get my creative fix. I trying to make something a little different out of the ordinary in wedding photography.
Nothing posed – just be yourself, and enjoy every moment.

Wedding venue

Perry and Karelien are from Australia. They chose Hoi An for their wedding. You know Hoi An is a great place to travel and hold a wedding. There are great beaches and old town.

Looking for wedding photographers

They told me they were looking for a photographer in Vietnam in a reportage style. Because they liked the natural things of their wedding ceremony, they don’t like interfere too much with what was happening. They searched me on Google for the keyword best photographer in Vietnam. And they finally found me and some other photographers. But when looking through my pictures they found the same mindset. And I liked the customers like that in wedding photography.

Is the price a problem?

I usually don’t care about the price of the wedding. I care if they like my image, and the similarity in thinking. Perry and Karelien did not care about the price I offered. I also gave them an extra 2 hours of shooting before the wedding in the old town of Hoi An. Those are also my potential customers in wedding photography. I want you to know that price is not a problem. When I offer a price and you should discuss it with me. I always want to appear at your wedding.

Victoria Hoi An Resort & Spa

These images I took for Perry and Karelien at Victoria Hoi An Resort & Spa. This is a resort inspired by the tradition of Hoi An Ancient Town – UNESCO World Heritage Site, combining sophistication with accents of Japanese and French architecture.

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