Hoi An wedding photographer | Paul and Meghann are from Australia

Hoi An wedding photographer

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Looking for Hoi An wedding photographer

Wedding party at a bar restaurant with about 60 guests often leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of guests and newlyweds. The atmosphere of the wedding is solemn but also open and comfortable will be a beautiful milestone for a long-term marriage. Paul and Meghann chose Hoi An as their wedding venue. They look for Hoi An wedding photographer. And they chose me to capture the most genuine, natural moments in the wedding.

Referring to Hoi An, people think of the old town, the ancient scenery, peaceful, blue beaches are equally peaceful. The space with cool green grass overlooking the sea and indoor dining area. In the midst of such a beautiful setting, having a wedding in Hoi An will certainly be wonderful.

It is difficult to organize a wedding reception in the heart of the small old town. We can still organize a wedding party in the bar restaurant in Hoi An with a theme related to this famous old street. In the middle of the natural space of the coastal city. Restaurant owner decoration with lanterns, conical hats and yellow tones like the walls of Hoi An old town. This will make the guests feel more interested and impressed normal.

Hoi An wedding photographer often said that the surroundings will affect the mood of the person. This is not really an unreasonable word. Because a wedding party cozy in harmony with the slow and gentle atmosphere in Hoi An. That is also a way to help people temporarily forget the daily worries and chaos to have fun with family on both sides.

A wedding with the closest one of the bride and groom. And they witnessed the moment the couple exchanged vows to be together forever. Hoi An wedding photographer will capture the most natural and genuine moments.

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