Propose photography | Hoi An is a great place to propose

Propose photography

Propose photography

Currently, marriage proposal is no longer a strange problem for young people. And propose photography is also popular with everyone. He and she both like traveling, he likes her and wants to propose. So where would propose to be extremely romantic and certain get her consent? So where is the proposal of marriage is appropriate and romantic? How do you like to propose to? The majority of girls prefer to propose in private, unobtrusive places, only two people together.

Propose photography is what shooting

Being able to propose under the romantic candlelight of a restaurant. Or in the outdoor setting with lights and sparkling candles in the middle of the river is really romantic. The girl’s happy tears and nods in agreement. It is touching. Surely no girl can refuse.

According to IndiaTimes Magazine, Hoi An has been ranked in one of the 9 most romantic spots in the world. With the ancient and peaceful beauty that will make girls fascinated with the classical style “nod” to immediately agree to your confession, man!

Propose photography location

Hoai River – a beautiful sunset spot in Hoi An, and is also the place to make the most romantic proposal. Beautiful and romantic propose photography

Located on the edge of the old town, the Hoai River flowing across Hoi An city. It is not only a tourist attraction, but also a favorite place for every morning and afternoon of the locals. The row of ancient houses painted with gold along the banks. Most of them are restaurants selling food and drinks decorated in the old style. You can stop to rest, choose a table facing the road, look at people passing by. And enjoy some peace in Hoi An.

With the peaceful Hoai river flowing in the middle of the old town like the hair of a young girl in Hoi An. The peaceful boat trip will take you and your loved person wandering the Hoai River. And you feel a little love, a little breath of Hoi An. Ancient tiled roofs, gold-colored background painted with time seems to bring you back to the old days when life was not too noisy and rushed. On that boat he would kneel down to propose and hand the engagement ring into her hand. And the light emitted from the ancient lanterns will give you enough power and dream to say confession. Surely your daughter will agree immediately. The photographer will propose photography for you.

Japanese Covered Bridge – Imprint of time to propose photography

Someone once said: Cau Pagoda is the highlight of Hoi An tourism. It is the love of the people, who go full of attachment, it is not wrong. Hoi An Bridge is located across a small branch of the Thu Bon stream embracing the city all year round. Still full of faith and hope about the bright future of the people here, people constantly dreaming and optimizing about life.

From a distance, Cau Pagoda stands out with the curve of a soft, brightening a corner of the old town. Ancient but modern, quiet but very bustling, multi-color colors from culture to architecture and religion. Propose photography at the Bridge Pagoda, along the Hoai River, nothing more romantic.

Romantic space to propose photography

  • The Hoianian Wine bar & restaurant

The restaurant is a miniature Western sky in the middle of Pho Hoi. European-style design and food features a long shelf filled with Western bottles of wine. The dish is nicely decorated and refined. Choose a modern style under the shimmering lights for your romantic evening when you go to Hoi An. And make a proposal to her.

  • Rice Drum Restaurant

Rice Drum Restaurant with a nice location, cool space, many choices menu, especially local dishes. Surely this will be an ideal place for visitors to enjoy the food. And quietly watch the place of Pho Hoi drifting smoothly when night comes. Romantic space is also suitable for you to propose.

  • Overhead cafe

The sky cafe is also a favorite destination for checking-in Hoi An in a new, unique and very unique way. Standing here, just a traditional conical hat or a luxurious cup of coffee. And you can own an attractive, colorful picture with a background of panoramic views of ancient buildings with architectural features, special neighborhood. This is also a place to propose photography beautiful and romantic.

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