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Vietnam war photo

The Vietnam War, the images of the bombing time have taken away the blood of many people of the two countries, The following social sharing pictures can give you a different perspective on history. In the pain and fierce of war, somewhere still shows warm love. All the images of the lives of American soldiers in many respects. Vietnam war photos the pictures speak up.

The article is compiled from various sources and newspapers by Ruxat Photography, we hope you find yourself in this may or not, but what is here is not complete, we will update. more parts.

Vietnam war photos

Hanoi defenders rescue the pilot John S. McCain in Truc Bach Lake

A doctor is periodically undergoing medical examinations for prisoners of war in prison.

two soldiers are breathing artificially for a young Vietnamese drowned

U.S. Marine helicopter crewmen carry Vietnamese civilians to safety aboard the U.S.S. Blue Ridge April 29, 1975, after their evacuation helicopter crashed on the deck of the amphibious command ship. (AP Photo)

February 1970: Lance Corporal Charles C. Sead of Portsmouth, Ohio, carries an elderly Vietnamese woman too old to keep up with the patrol in the Arizona Territory, 22 miles southwest of Da Nang, during the Vietnam War, Vietnam. The lance corporal is an S-2 Scout for C Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. The woman is wearing a traditional straw hat and is barefoot. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

A U.S. Marine shows a message written on the back of his flack vest at the Khe Sanh combat base in Vietnam on Feb. 21, 1968 during the Vietnam War. The quote reads, “Caution: Being a Marine in Khe Sanh may be hazardous to your health.” Khe Sanh had been subject to increased rocket and artillery attacks from the North Vietnamese troops in the area. (AP Photo/Rick Merron)

About the relax time of American soldiers in Saigon

The Vietnam war photos give a different perspective to the old American soldiers.
In the eyes of many Saigon residents before 1975, the image of American soldiers is often associated with the venomous attractions of the city. But the pictures of Eckhard Clausen, a veteran in Vietnam on his personal account at the photo-sharing site Flickr, will show a “brighter” view of them.

Vietnam war photos

Read the newspaper during the evening break.


Prepare for lunch

“This grasshopper is my pet before someone makes it home for dinner,” Eckhard wrote.

This monkey is a pet in a guard unit.

Walking on the streets of Saigon is also a hobby of American soldiers.


Two soldiers named Hanson and Leonette chatted with each other.

Soldiers play basketball at the base from afternoon until evening.

Saigon under the lens of American soldiers.

Walking in the city with Cyclo.

Vietnam war photos: Serving American soldiers in Da Nang in 1967

Vietnam war photos

Besides the bar girls, the girls dancing at nightclubs, the discotheque in the South before 1975 also subjects ready to dictate the US troops whatever they want.

Vietnamese girls and U.S soldiers in 1975 in Da Nang

American soldiers dancing with a girl in a nightclub

A show of porn in the service of the US military in Da Nang in 1967

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