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vietnamese wedding

The original Vietnamese wedding is one of the most significant ceremonies in Vietnamese customs with influence from Confucian and Buddhist ideologies. This can be a significant day not only for the couple involved but also for the two families. Thus, it generally includes quite a few formal practice observances.

Vietnamese wedding

Classic wedding clothes since the Nguyen dynasty
While traditional clothing of Vietnam has always been extremely diverse depending on the era and occasion, it is known any time the Nguyen dynasty, ladies began to wear elaborate Ao Dai for their weddings that have been modeled on the Ao Dai of Nguyen dynasty courtroom ladies. The style of the Nguyen dynasty has remained popular and it is still used for modern wedding ceremonies. The difference of the Ao Dai from the typical Ao Dai is the elaborateness of its design (usually stitched with imperial symbols like the Phoenix) and the extravagant external cloak. With this dress which is preferably in reddish or pink, the bride-to-be usually wears a Khan Dong headdress. The bridegroom wears a simpler male comparative, often in blue.
Before the Nguyen dynasty, most likely women simply wore elegant, elaborate versions of Ao Tu Than.
Depending on habits of specific ethnic groups, marital relationship includes various steps and related procedures, but in standard, there is two main step:

betrothal ceremony:

Normally, both bride and groom or all their parents go to the fortuneteller to view what date and period are best for them. They highly believe in this date and time so the groom’s, as well as relatives, must come on period. Some days before the wedding, they are going to visit the bride and her family with round colored boxes known as betrothal has. It composes of areca nuts and betel leaves, tea, cake, fruits, wine drinks and other delicacies which protected with red cloth and carried by unmarried young ladies or boys.

Vienamese wedding

marriage ceremony
On the wedding day, the groom’s family and relatives go to the bride’s house bringing a lot of gifts wrapped in purple papers. These gifts act like those of the engagement: betel leaves and areca walnuts, wines, fruits, cakes, tea… The persons hold these kinds of trays are also carefully picked, usually, they are happily married lovers. Ladies and women are all wearing Ao Dai. Men could possibly be in their suits or guys traditional Ao Dai. The troop is usually led by a couple that is most prosperous and successful among the family, this means to wish the to-be-wed couples a good thing life together in the future.

Vienamese wedding by Ruxat Photography
Vietnamese wedding by Ruxat Photography

Requesting permission to “receive” the bride
In the past, on the wedding the groom’s mother (along with a few other close relatives) would make a trip to the bride’s home, carrying along a present of betel, The mom would officially ask agreement to “receive” the star of the wedding and then notifies the group of the time the procession could arrive to bring the woman to her new home. It absolutely was at this time that the bride’s spouse and children would confirm the state of things and proceedings would probably take place.

Vietnamese wedding
Vietnamese wedding

In actuality, this right now obsolete ceremony was used during the past to confirm at the last minute that marriage would even take place. As a result of often forced arranged unions, the bride sometimes fled beforehand and so this wedding was essential in validating that things were heading smoothly.
In modern Vietnam where people choose their particular marriage partners based on taking pleasure in an individual needs, this wedding service is chosen by the couple whether to go through the procedure or not.

The groom’s family would expose themselves and ask permission for his or her son to marry his bride. The master from the ceremony (usually a respectable person among the bride’s relatives) instructs the bride’s father and mother to present their daughter. The bride then follows her parents out. She will put on red traditional wedding ao dai, followed by her bride-to-be maids. The couple will need to pray before the altar inquires their ancestors for authorization for their marriage, then communicate their gratitude to equally groom’s and bride’s father and mother for raising and safeguarding them.

Vietnamese wedding
Vietnamese wedding

Tea, candle ceremony and messages
While tea has always been a vital part of Vietnamese life, intended for commoners Vietnamese tea tradition never became as intricate or bogged down with rituals as its counterparts in Japan or China. Even so, a traditional wedding is about the sole time in a Vietnamese personal life that a formal tea ceremony is essential.

The wedding couple in front of all their family and friends will certainly serve tea (or wine) to their parents. Each parent will give advice about relationship and family to the few, A candle ceremony follows, symbolizing the joining of the bride and groom and their families. The gift boxes filled with rings that were brought by the groom’s family will be opened by groom’s mother who will after that put each piece around the bride for good fortune.

The ceremony at the groom’s house
As the procession occurs back at the groom’s home, the groom’s family members that had stayed behind will certainly light firecrackers in a special event. The newlyweds will be through the groom’s parents for their own ancestor altar, exactly where another ancestor ceremony happens and the bride is brought to her new relatives. Finally, the bride is then brought into precisely what is to be the couple’s room and introduced to their new relationship bed.

Vietnamese wedding
Vietnamese wedding

The banquet get together
Following the ceremony at the groom’s house, all of the bride and groom’s family and friends are asked to a massive banquet get together. However, nowadays the purchase of these ceremonies are somewhat rearranged and usually (especially in big cities) the fête takes place right after the wedding ceremony at the bride’s house, with all the bride being brought to the groom’s house only later on.

Vietnamese wedding
Vietnamese wedding

Today, a lot of Vietnamese lovers have their wedding ceremony done in Temples or wats or Churches which is completely similar to American and Developed style, including exchanging marriage vows and wedding rings. Yet, they still maintain Thai traditional ceremony in the bride’s home before heading to temples or wats or churches.


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