Pre wedding photoshoot | Maureen vs Kawa are from Hong Kong

Pre wedding photoshoot

Pre wedding photoshoot

Together they traveled to six countries before they getting marry. In each country, they will choose a famous city of that country to take pre wedding photoshoot. They look for local photographers to make their wedding sets.

Maureen and Kawa chose Hoi An and My Son in Quang Nam to take pre wedding photoshoot. Here they found me – a photographer of Hoi An. And I am very honored to be the wedding photographer for this couple.

Hoi An Ancient Town

In addition to cultural values through diverse architecture, Hoi An also preserves a fairly intangible cultural foundation. Daily life of residents with customs, religious activities, folk arts, cultural festivals together with poetic natural landscapes, specialty dishes … makes Hoi An increasingly attractive. guide the cross.

Hoi An is an urban port with more than a thousand architectural monuments. Until now, through the past centuries, every ancient house in Hoi An, every street, every corner still reflects the unique ancient features of Hoi An ancient town. Leave an unforgettable impression on visitors when visiting this place.

The old house of Diep Dong Nguyen

The old house is located on Nguyen Thai Hoc street. Many people come here for pre wedding photoshoot. Many domestic and foreign tourists and researchers consider this place as an invaluable museum of antiquities, always open to visitors. The owner has displayed the ancient artifacts without any protection, but there has never been a loss.

The architect has build this house in the late 19th century. The ancestor of this landlord was a Chinese businessman. Inside the house the owner has decorated with a lot of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese antiques with many different ages. The structure of the house has a floor-to-second floor pine. And this type of floor-through is a characteristic of the ancient houses in Hoi An. This place used to be a place to transport goods and objects through a zipper-pulley system hand.

The wall on Hoang Van Thu street

The place to take beautiful photos in Hoi An that everyone should visit is … a wall? Really, this is one of the places that tourists, especially the young people love and unleash their creativity and “lens”. Its charm comes from the mossy walls, arranged in front and back easily creating depth for the image. The old wall edges bring nostalgic, “thorny” but also full of emotion for every picture taken. The attraction of the wall lies in patchy walls, imprinted with time stamps, creating depth and layers for the image.

Many people even think that this old brick wall in Hoi An is like coming out from famous oil paintings by artist Bui Xuan Phai. Especially when the sun is shining, the chech balls created will “block” the perfect work of art created from your “viewfinder”. The photographer has recorded these old wall images in pre wedding photoshoot.

Cafe view overhead

If you want to find a place where you can see the Hoi An’s houses with old, tiled roofs, covered moss rails, fancy windows, go to the cafe. The faded tile roofs from time to time viewed from an overhead cafe. The old houses in Hoi An have windows with each style. Each doorway people have decorated with a few colorful lanterns or flower pots that make it more romantic and romantic.

An Bang Beach

People cannot miss An Bang beach when visiting the ancient city of Hoi An. Quiet as the soul of the people here, like the land of Hoi An ancient town. An Bang beach is referred to as a part of the soul of Hoi An. With fine sand, white ivory, the ideal length of the coast, and the peaceful waves rushing the shore. An Bang beach not noisy, abundant, not rolling like other lands have made a typical beach of Hoi town.

Many tourists who do not like the noisy, cramped. They often go to An Bang beach to enjoy the tranquility the serene beauty of this place. And to enjoy a comfortable swimming, lying on a reading chair, looking at Cu Lao Cham island in the distance and when the sun is high. The waves of An Bang Beach are large and powerful. Which is suitable for those who are passionate about water polo, jumping, surfing. And especially you will have super nice, sunny and windy photo postings at the beach beautiful.

My Son Sanctuary

This place is located about 70 km from Da Nang city, located in Quang Nam province. My Son Sanctuary appears with an architectural complex of many Champa temples and ants. Extremely unique architecture. Everyone has forgotten for a long time up to centuries, no one discovered in 1885. And in 1999 UNESCO chose this place as a world heritage as a unique evidence of civilization Asia has disappeared.

Over many periods of development, ancient people have expanded and added many large and small towers. Famous as the main relic of Cham Pa Vietnam culture, this place takes visitors back in time to the past. This place is a Hindu holy place of the Kingdom of Champa.

Previously, according to traditional rituals, every king after going to the throne had to come to My Son to perform the purification ceremony, make offerings and focus on building temples. In addition to the function of performing the ceremony, My Son Sanctuary is also a place where many powerful kings and monks are buried. After the fall of the Champa kingdom, My Son Sanctuary was deep in oblivion for centuries.

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